The customer can order any component of the Domfesa’s CHAIN CONVEYOR and assemble himself. As well available, if interested, advice by Domfesa when install Domfesa’s CHAIN CONVEYOR


All conveyors are modular, so that their length are completely adaptable in parts no larger than 3000 mm, which make the assemble a easy task

Capable to transport material from a point to another point in the same level and capable to save heights thanks to inclined conveyors designs

The screw conveyors are designed and calculated with a intern double background which allow to transport material for the superior or inferior part. Manufactured in stainless steel or carbon steel. Availability in 200 and 300 mm width.

Yourself can assemble screw conveyors and choose the two heads and the length of the straight. Choose the right model for your needs.

The customers have the possibility to choose between a familiarized reduction and Domfesa’s will adapt your reduction to the drive heads.

The customers can order any part of the conveyors and assemble it self. Also will have a counseling works by Domfesa S.L.

Domfesa’s has its own assembly team if you want us to do it.

We have replacement for all its components

The tensioner of screw conveyors can be ubicated in the front or the back part of the machine.

Our conveyors are composed by drive heads, drive tensioner and the sections connecting the two heads.

Are available conveyors with standard hopper, bypass, slide gates valves, reductions, etc.. can consult general catalog in domfesa’s web.

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