Domfesa’s CONVEYOR BELTS are modular and client can assemble himself, also will have a counseling works by Domfesa S.L.





Modular belts adapt to client needs and his installation it’s very simple and customer can do it himself if desired. Hygienic belts with easy way to clean thanks to this design with lateral drains.

Standardized kit composed by drive head, intermediate section, and end of line belt. Thanks to our modular design, conveyor belts are very easy to design and assemble to satisfy their specific needs

Bandwidths and straight sections since 100 mm to 4000 mm by de client needs.

Side guides opcional and customized.

Disponibility of sides curves from 10 to 180º and horizontale from 10 to 60º.

Suitable for productions requiring horizontal transport.

The plastic surface on the belt guarantee a secured and fluid transport of products.

Manufactured in stainlees steel,  carbon steel and wear-resistant steel, high quality materials.

Also you have the possibility to choose between different models, more high, more weight and more resistant.

Thanks to our numerical control system, we can do special orders, in form and position.

As a result, it is a product manufactured exclusively by us with total security, following the specifications of the client


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